Get involved

Want to make a difference at Muslim University of Morogoro - MUM? You came to the right place. By becoming actively engaged with MUMA, you will not only strengthen our community, but you will also support the good work that is making an impact in our world today.

I began volunteering before 2008 and with each passing year, I find myself more deeply involved and engaged than the last. I have committed my time and energy to giving back to Muslim University of Morogoro because I am truly grateful for the important and lasting role that the University has played in my life. I want to do my part to make sure that this is the case for generations of students yet to come.

There are many opportunities to serve MUM, leave your mark, and make MUM stronger. Learn more about how you can support Muslim University of Morogoro through MUMA activities. You have the power to strengthen MUM—by giving back. With every contribution, you’re advancing the work of students, lawyers, teachers, journalists, Religion teachers, artists, andindustry leaders. You’re equipping labs, library and lecture halls, hiring top academics, and pushing the boundaries of higher education. In short, you are essential to our and MUM future in general.

Please take a few minutes to learn how you can get involved. If you are not sure where to start, or would like to figure out which roles would best match your interests and skills, please contact the Office of Alumni.

Thank you for your interest!

Jabir A. Jabir

MUM Alumni Association Chairman.